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1st Communion 2015

Holy Rosary 5/2/15                        Sacred Heart 5/3/15             Holy Rosary 5/10/15

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                                 Confirmation 2015

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                                          2015 Holy Week

IMG_1804                      IMG_1997 Click *HERE* to view Chrism Mass        Click *HERE* to View Tenebrae Service     IMG_2060          IMG_2222 Click *HERE* to view Holy Thursday                    Click *HERE* to view Ecumenical Stations     IMG_2330       IMG_2487         Click *HERE* for Good Friday 2015                   Click *HERE* for Easter Vigil 2015   Click *HERE* to view the Tajci Album IMG_1663   2015 Lenten Pilgrimage – Mary Undoer of Knots Click *HERE* to view week 1        Click *HERE* to view Week 2 Click *HERE* to view week 3    Click *HERE* to view Week 4 IMG_1234           Click *HERE* to view the Thanksgiving Dinner IMG_0902       Click *HERE* to view the Blessing of the Animals FR. MEMO & PAPAL POOCH OCT 2014     Click *HERE* to view the 2014 Bazaar IMG_0650     Click *HERE* to view the 2014 North County Confirmation Slideshow IMG_9704   Click *HERE* to View Receiving the Sacrament                   Click *HERE* to View Slideshow IMG_0092 IMG_9864       Click *HERE* to view the slide show Making Marta’s Dream Come True Marta Cover         Click *HERE* to view HFA Dedication & Opening Day 8/28/14 IMG_0297