Not a Catholic, Not a Christian But Interested In Exploring

What is Catholicism?   Our catechism (teaching) says this about us,

“The Church established by Christ on the foundation of the Apostles, possessing the fullness of the means of salvation which he has willed: correct and complete confession of faith, full sacramental life, and ordained ministry in apostolic succession (830).”

This succinct 38 word sentence encapsulates over 2000 years of rich Tradition and vibrant life experiences of faith and Christian living.  Over the centuries, many of thousand of people have taken the journey to deepen their relationship with God in Jesus Christ in the Catholic Tradition.  If you are exploring the journey then let us help you take the steps.  Email us, by filling out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

All journeyers over the age of 7 enter what is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA for short.  It begins with a stage of Inquiry where you are introduced to a taste of our faith and faith life.  Then if you feel called to go deeper you will enter the stage of Catechumenate or Learner when you will receive more information to know and live the Catholic Christian faith.  When you and the community are ready, then on the vigil of Easter Sunday you will be baptized, confirmed and receive the Eucharist and be considered a full member of Christ’s Body that is the Church.  From then on, you will enter what is called, Mystagogia, ways to connect you further into the life of the Church and relationship with Jesus Christ.

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